Transform error with models exported from Navisworks

When loading an FBX model exported from Navisworks into a fiber-based web viewer, the position, rotation of certain models are loaded incorrectly. Loaded model using the Windows 3D viewer or Unity, all model items were positioned properly. And when I import the model re-exported using FBX exporter from Unity to a web viewer, all model is positioned correctly… I’m just learning about three fiber so I’m not sure how to solve this.


(3D web Viewer)


(export from Unity’s FBX exporter)

The FBX file used in the test was split and compressed. (4.5 MB)
snowmobile.z01 (5 MB)

FBX is a closed-source format, so the compatibility between different software depends on how much effort is put into decoding it. Three.js loads FBX nicely, but there can still be differences between how and what features are supported (if possible, consider using GLTF instead, since it’s open source and supports more fancy stuff and effects on the exported materials.)

If you have to stick with FBX - just .rotate it right after loading. This may mess up animations / armature sometimes, but it’s still the cleanest way known to mankind at the moment.

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Thank you for your reply!
In fact, it is more effective to convert model to gltf format. I think this problem arose because I just tried to use the default export format provided by Navisworks. As you said, I need to find out why only certain models are displayed incorrectly and .rotate them or how I can convert the nwd format to gltf with plugin. First of all, I will try method 1
in this page. javascript - How to convert OBJ/FBX to GLTF before loading to scene (using Threejs) - Stack Overflow