VideoTexture with MeshBasicMaterial decreases performance immediately

this is how i am trying to add video to the mesh :

<mesh rotation={[0, 89.53, 0]} position={[0.53, 4.86, -0.02]} onClick={(e) => myfun()}>
        <planeGeometry args={[0.6,0.3]} />
        <meshBasicMaterial  >
          <videoTexture attach="map"  args={[jethobby]} encoding={THREE.sRGBEncoding} />

this is how i create args for video :

const vid = document.createElement("video");
  const [jethobby] = useState(() => {
    vid.setAttribute('id', 'jethobby');
    vid.src = url;
    vid.crossOrigin = "Anonymous";
    vid.loop = true;
    return vid;

once i run the code performance drops immediately, especially when i try to add 3 meshes with video texture. i compressed video to 5mb so i believe it shouldn’t be the problem, could anyone help me figure it out?

Do you mind reproducing the issue by modifying the following official demo and share it as a live example?

It uses MeshBasicMaterial with a video texture but with proper performance.

i could actually try to upload on codesandbox and share the link to it would it be ok?

@Mugen87 here is link to sandbox . pay attention in hasaki.js from line 47 to 116 is video args i created. from line 141 to 162 mesh - videotextures i used,
removing those videotextures obviously improves performance (fps) quite a lot, so i cant really figure out whats wrong.

also apart from this at line 130 there is sparkles element i used from r3drei, but i couldnt find anything similar that creates snowfall, sparkles only have noise, and speed, not directions. if you could let me know if i can turn sparkles into snowfall, if not here is codepen of threejs snofwall . its pretty simple but i never got to learn how to properly move from threejs to react three, so if you know this, i would appreciate if you could explain it simply for me.


I was hoping you could reproduce the issue with plain three.js (without additional libraries).

Besides, it seems the video does not play in the codesandbox.

videos are paused on default, for example line 56 - 67, video is paused but once pressed on video it will play.