VideoTexture stuttered when it played on the android device

VideoTexture stuttered when it played on the android device but the sound of video palyed normally. some android device played with dark screen, no picture.

I tested it in the browser that came with wechat, also default browser in android.
tested devices: xiaomi, huawei, oppo.
it`s working fine in chrome, UC, Baidu

the version of threejs is 0.164.1

This seems like a codec related issue.
Would you share the video file to reproduce the error, even better with a fiddle/codepen demo. I suspect it has to do with internal codec support, which is not consistent accross browsers and hardwares.

here is the video file

Something is weird, my tooling app keeps saying that the codec is .H264, but there is a chance that this forum uploading functionality may be converting it from a (different) one. Remember that some cellphones gives you the option to write the video stream in .H265/HEVC (I’ve heard of ones allowing to write in VP8/9), and that could be presenting a problem. I suggest the following:

  • Start by checking that the video can be played well in those phones native app, before jumping into using it with VideoTexture
  • if there is any problem, you can try converting it to the more conventional .H264 to cover most of hardware-software combinations
  • If not done already, make sure to upgrade your android default browser to the last version (sometimes it doesn’t happen by default until you close all the tabs)

If the problem persist try sharing a working demo (fiddle/codepen/etc) to reproduce the error