VertexColor parameter not working in v.0.142.0 but works in v0.140.2 or below

I am just checking Instance mesh with different color from example provided by @drcmda below

Just by changing the three js Version, the Vertex Color not working … is there and Change In last two version .

I couldn’t find in Change log, or I might have missed it.

In v0.140.0

in v0.142.0

i think i’ve found it, it is not vertexColors={THREE.VertexColors} any longer but just a boolean now: <...material vertexColors />. not sure when that change was even made, i still see examples on google using the old syntax but i find no explanation.


but still no idea why it starts to make a problem between 140 and 142

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Starting with r141 the project starts to keep legacy code for only ten releases. We have used this as an opportunity to remove all code which was deprecated up to r130.

That means the previous constants THREE.NoColors, THREE.FaceColors and THREE.VertexColors have finally be removed and it’s required to use a boolean now.