Blender 3.3 vertex colors and three.js

So I recently upgraded from Blender 3.2 to 3.4, and sadly discovered that my GLTF models no longer show vertex transparency in three.js. This only applies once I save from the new Blender, the old .glb files still work.

Looking in Blender, I can see that the data still exists - there’s a color attribute called ‘Col’. But when I view the model in the GLTF viewer, it no longer shows the materials as having vertex colors.

I know this is probably more of a Blender issue than three.js, but I wondered if anyone has a quick fix which will get me back on track without having to re-author my models.

Seems to be a bug in Blender 3.4, fixed in 3.5: Export vertex color gltf/glb broken in 3.4.1 - Blender Stack Exchange

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I just wanted to confirm that things are working again now that I have installed Blender 3.5. Thanks again.

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