Color needsUpdate doesnt work ? am i missing something?

var render = function () {
  requestAnimationFrame( render );

  geometry.attributes.color.needsUpdate = true;
  renderer.render(scene, camera);

i can’t see any color update , am i missing something ?
using the latest version of Threejs

What are you looking to achieve here?

Are you using vertexColors? If so, why your color attribute only has 3 values? It should contain 3 values for each vertex in your geometry.

A little more information is needed in order to help you with this.

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i want to change only 1 vertex color , im using offset 0 , so the first vertex only for test purpose
my approach is wrong ?
and yes i am using VertexColor

It is working now , this examples really helped me

SOURCE: Assign different colors to different parts of BufferGeometry