Varying FPS on similar machines

Hello everyone,

question to all of you , while testing on live server on vs code,
on a desktop which has similar specs as the laptop (which has better specs),
on the desktop it runs at 60fps, and the laptop it drops to 15fps ,
would like to maintain the fps on all machines ,

1: why is there a variation in fps ,
2: how to maintain standard fps on all machines

would this become even when i launch it from a server which runs on a better specs ?

thanks in advance

Are both systems using the same OS? Have you tested with identical browser versions? Besides, are you on the latest software versions (OS, GPU drivers, browser etc.)?

yep same OS , yep latest OS,GPU drivers , browser ,

just realizes something, after posting this ,
the laptop is 4k, and the desktop is 2k,
and when i reduced the resolution on the laptop to 2k , it starts to run at 45Fps on the laptop,

so my question is, how do is stabilize the fps on all resolutions, should i set some sort of lod type stuff?

It’s very hard to just guess the reason without a sample of your code.

Since we’re just guessing, I’m thinking your laptop has a high pixel-density display, and it’s rendering a lot more pixels than your desktop display.

I recommend you avoid using this:

and just keep it consistent across devices with this:

But like I said, this is complete speculation, since you haven’t shared your code.


That was genius marquizzo, never thought about that ,
wicked , got the results straight away , 60FPS 4k ,
at renderer.setPixelRatio(1);
absolutely spot on with your speculation,
thanks for that

Boom! Nailed it! :wink:

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