Using WebGPU to Create an Animated Displacement Map

I have just gone through the process of updating an Ocean Wave Generator and now realize that WebGPU could do it better. But this is a fairly new subject with little documentation. So I am going back to basics, to see if I can work my way forward.

Here is a simple CodePen example that uses a dataset (vtData) to create an animated Displacement Map. Using current practice, this data is made part of a texture (using DataTexture), which can be used as the Displacement Map. I am using js to animate the Map by changing the vtData values and updating the texture.

I would like to be able to switch to using the WebGPURenderer. To start, I would like to simply have the starting vtData be accessible for use as a Displacement Map. Later, I would like to animate the Displacement Map data using a Compute Shader.

I have already inserted a few WebGPU imports and commands, but these currently have no effect - except for WebGPURenderer which disconnects everything.

Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

Any thoughts or suggestions or guidance?

Part 1 complete thanks to Sandbox example.