Using Stats module as HTMLMesh in scene

I’m trying to use the Stats module to track FPS performance while in VR. To do that, I need to make a mesh out of the Stats DOM element, as in the WebXR Sandbox example. However, the resulting mesh just looks black and doesn’t look like the DOM element, although I noticed that selecting it in the scene does target the DOM element. Below is the code I’m using to create the HTMLMesh, which follows the above example. Does anyone know how I can get the mesh to look like the DOM element in the scene?

stats = new Stats();
const interactiveGroup = new InteractiveGroup(renderer, camera);
const statsMesh = new HTMLMesh(stats.dom);
statsMesh.position.y = 1;

you can try statsvr.

Its very similar to stats, but works in vr

Thanks. In the end I just made a texture out of one of the canvases in the Stats module and applied it periodically to a plane in the scene.

This is my solution for placing the Stats element as a mesh in the scene.