Usecase for threejs?


I’m working on a application related to monitoring. Basically, the goal is to monitor a specific pole by using sensors.
I would like to represent the pole in 3D with the sensors on it and then animate it according to the values recorded.

I came across Threejs and before diving into it, I would like to be sure that it can be possible.

So I was thinking first to integrate a 3D model with my sensor on it on my webapp but I have difficulties to think about the different steps and what can I do with threejs.

Do I need to integrate the model on my page, then with the values sent back by the sensors interact with three js to make it move ?

Any helps/clues will be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a cool project. :thinking:

And something definitely three may be useful for - so you are welcome to start diving into it :swimming_woman: Three basically can take care of rendering 3D models for you, bases on whatever data and models you provide it.

Thank for your fast answer. But once I have the 3D model, can I deform it/interact it directly on the browser ?


Depends on the type of deformations, but mostly also yes. You can modify and do calculations with geometry, materials, UVs, animations, and quite a few other properties of a 3D model.

There’s a lot of examples of what you can do with three (for each example you can see the source code by clicking the button in the bottom right corner.)

If you define the geometry yourself, you can deform it at will.

I have not yet experimented with loaded models.

Examples from my addons: (examples 16, 17 react to mouse movements)

Addon. Produces almost infinite many time-varying geometries with functions


The basic geometries of three.js can also be modified.

in German, but easy to translate


Thank a lot for your sharing ! I will take a look !

It would be great to deformed a loaded model. Do you think it’s possible despite the fact that you’ve not tested yet ?
In my case, my structure may be complex to design. Need to see !

I can’t really say anything about that :confused:, but here in the forum there are people who know a lot about it, like @donmccurdy. :slightly_smiling_face: