Use RGBFormat/RGBAFormat or use userData.mimeType to control export image format

so in the newer versions THREE.RGBFormat is removed and texture.userData.mimeType is introduced to maintain input file format on export
GLTF exporter uses this new method whereas USDZ exporter uses the old RGB vs RGBA method

i’m guessing usdzExp will also get updated to use texture.userData.mimeType too ?
and is RGBFormat going to be fully deprecated ?(the constant still exists right now)

I’m not sure what USDZExporter should do (that’s very subjective, what if you always want lossless export?) but yeah — THREE.RGBFormat is not very efficient and it’s generally better to use RGBAFormat now. The underlying WebGL enum is not going away of course, so I don’t know if the three.js enum would actually be deprecated.

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