Attempted import error: 'RGBFormat' is not exported from 'three' (imported as 'RGBFormat10')

Hi everyone, hope you’re well :slight_smile:

I’m getting this weird error this morning :

Attempted import error: 'RGBFormat' is not exported from 'three' (imported as 'RGBFormat10').

I’ve checked my postprocessing version (^6.23.5) and my three version (^0.137.4) and I think I’m up to date.

Maybe I’m missing something or what so feel free to ask me more informations.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day :smiley:

RGBFormat has been removed with r137. Third-party libraries and projects have to use RGBAFormat instead.

I used to see deprecation warnings at some point, but this straight up failed. Is there some pattern here that i’m unaware of?

not really. threejs is pushing breaking changes with patches and minors. As long as you see deprecation messages the feature will still work, then one day it’s removed and it will crash. It is a pretty … odd way to maintain a library that is used in production.

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I think I upgraded one too many versions. You’re saying there was a deprecation warning with the rgbformat just like those “add has been renamed to set”(99999) warnings?