How to export mesh with canvas texture as USDZ

Hi, everyone.
I am exporting mesh that has canvas texture as the material map into the usdz format. The issue is that the texture cannot be exported with the mesh. In the latest version(r125), the USDZexporter is provided,
but it cannot export the texture.
How can I resolve this? What should I do if I want to do it manually?
I think this issue has many things relating to USDZ format structure.
I would like to get a complete model as in gltf-exporter.
Thanks for your time.

USDZExporter does not support exporting textures, yet. You can try to add support for this feature by yourself or open a feature request at GitHub.

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Thanks for your quick answer. @Mugen87
I just started the development on ThreeJS.
Can you tell me more about how to add support for the new feature?
or how to open a feature request at Github?
Thanks for your help again.

You just file a new issue.