Use bloom effect lost depth

Rendering a large building map scene, some of the buildings are luminous, I like to use bloom effect, but if you follow Demo: then the rendering efficiency is too poor, and need to render all the buildings twice, is there any way to get the depth value of the highlighted building

chinese original:
渲染一个大的建筑物地图场景,其中部分楼是发光的,我像使用bloom effect , 但是如果按照 demo: ,那么渲染效率就太差了,需要把所有的建筑物都渲染两次,有没有办法获得高亮楼的深度值

I know little about bloom effect. But if you want to get depth map of a certain object, maybe you can render the one object with MeshDepthMaterial rather than render the whole scene.