Is there any way to apply selective post processing to selective object

Currently, I’m struggling to using post processing.
I want to apply a selective post processing to a selective object.
In the following fiddle, I want to apply a bloom effect to blue box, then another bloom effect to green box.

I try to use multiple layers, but it seems not to be accurate way.


I would use selective bloom: three.js examples

I’ve answered a question just a few moments ago on SO, maybe it will be useful/helpful:

Also, search the forum with “selective bloom”, you’ll find many topics about it.

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Thank you for the valuable information.
I’ll try.

You could also check out GitHub - vanruesc/postprocessing: A post processing library that provides the means to implement image filter effects for three.js. this library is arguably better than threes jsm effect composer, it’s more performant because it merges shaders to a singlet pass, selections are inbuilt and varunesc is working on it practically daily to move it forward.