Is there a way to apply postprocessing to only one mesh of the child of the .obj file?

I have an obj file. There are a total of three mesh. And I do not want to give or give a Bloom pass to each mesh. So I want to division the scene, but I wonder if I can division it.

please help me…Thank you.

So you want to apply a post-processing effect only to specific objects of your scene?

Have you tried using layers?


yes, sure.

Are you looking for somethingn like that?

Yes, that’s right. I’m looking for it, but if I apply it, the Bloom was disappear.

In my code, I loaded the obj file and applied layer 1 to a specific name.

Can you please demonstrate your current work of progress as a live exmaple?

[](live demo)

Here you are. Please help me…

Now you can see the error, and if you correct the error, you can see the diamond ring. But you will have to be adjusted bloom value.

Sorry to my bad english.

Um, I’m just seeing a white screen. There is also an error logged in the browser console:

Cannot read property 'traverse' of undefined

You are also trying to include a loader (J3DLoader) that does not exist.

The first live demo I gave you was to divide Scene into two, but I didn’t divide it when I saw the now live demo. It comes out very well because I don’t divide it. Why is this?