Urgent: Need blender to gLTF export help ASAP

Hi all,

I need help ASAP with gLTF exporting. Please email me: gabe@prismxr.com.

Will pay generously for help.


Dude just select your object (model) in blender then archive → export gLTF2.0. On the window check

  • limit to: selected object
  • +Y up
  • Apply modifer
  • Uvs (uncheck this if your model doesnt have textures)
  • Normals
  • Vertex colors
  • Materials - export
  • Images - automatic
  • Compresion (if you check this you will need to use DRACOLoader in threejs)


  • On format select binary (one file, easy to use but not easy to modify later on threejs),.
  • drag and drop your .glb file in three.js editor (maybe your model will be black)
  • add ambientLight and directionalLight (you should see your model now)

this is a simple and fast way to test your .glb



Thank you for the help. What is your email?

Would you be willing to help me out?


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