Updating portfolio: using React.js + Three.js

Updating my portfolio from using plain HTML + JS + Three.js, to using React.js + Three.js.
I’m happy with this update because it made the project cleaner and easier to maintain + had all the power of React.
Can’t wait to hear all your opinions :slight_smile:


I had a quick look on iPhone SE using Safari.

The site takes way too long to load on my home wifi in London (more than 30 seconds ). Not sure if that’s due to the size of your assets / code or because of your hosting. First thing to improve is that load time, there’s no reason for your site to take more than a few seconds to load since it doesn’t seem to be using heavy models or textures. Id recommend looking into hosting it on a CDN.

Apart from that it works well, the hero section looks cool.

I would get a native English speaker to proofread your text, some of the sentences are a bit awkward.

I would also change a few colors at the bottom of the page to make the text easier to read, right now there are some contrast issues.
And also check the paddings/ margins on mobile, in a few places looks like it’s missing.

Young people call themselves Software Engineers so easily nowadays lol

The design looks okay. However, it runs with a frame time of 120+ms on my 2080ti. The mouse is very choppy / almost uncontrollable even. For the graphics shown on the page, it really shouldn’t run that bad.

It’s cool man. I like the cards effect. “Psychic in React” :joy:. Cant wait to see more. Keep it up the good work!