UnrealBloomPass resizing issue

Hi together,
I’m working on a webgl based image generator. To save the canvas as an image i’m resizing it and using the canvas.toDataURL. Now everything is working fine I just noticed a slight difference on the bloom rendering. It seems like the radius is not applied on the resized/big canvas as on the smaller one. I tried rendering more frames after resizing and before saving but I’m not able to recreate the same image for the export.

My canvas resizing code

ocamera.left = -canvasWidth / 2;
ocamera.right = canvasWidth / 2;
ocamera.top = canvasHeight / 2;
ocamera.bottom = -canvasHeight / 2;

bloomPass.setSize(canvasWidth, canvasHeight);

renderer.setSize(canvasWidth, canvasHeight);
composer.setSize(canvasWidth, canvasHeight);

drawTarget.setSize(canvasWidth, canvasHeight);

fMesh.scale.set(canvasWidth, canvasHeight, 1);

An example image so you can see the difference. Left is the smaller size, right is the resized/big canvas that I want to save as an image. You can see in the left image the black is not fully black as the bloompass overlays it.