Unreal bloom + Transform controller

Hi, now I’m making my own online editor with three js.

I use transform controller to move around some object, and I can toggle the bloom(selective bloom, which has emissive map or emissive color)

when I turn on selective bloom, and hover transform controller, the whole screen goes yellow.

I found that only these part make this symptom

green plane with positioning
when i hover green plane
middle square with scale
when i hover middle square

and when I hover yellow outer circle

plus I tried with darken material with three js example selective bloom way. but I can’t darken the controller… since i use typescript, I can’t only change object that has material.

    if (
      obj instanceof THREE.Mesh ||
      obj instanceof THREE.GridHelper ||
      obj instanceof THREE.BoxHelper
      // obj instanceof TransformControlsPlane. <= I can't use it cause I can't find it
    ) {
      materials[obj.uuid] = obj.material;
      obj.material = darkMaterial;

can I fix it? or is this a bug or something?