Selective Bloom Effect - Pilot light On/Off

Hi Everyone, I have been trying to enable and disable the the bloom effect on a pilot light based on Bloom HDR example without success, I am avoiding the Selective bloom Effect
since it’s over complicated. My problem is the effect is being applied to the whole object and I only want the light to turn on and off on the click event on any part of the model?


here’s the link to the Bloom effect - Codesandbox

PS: I am not able to point out the loader to the correct path in codesandbox it keeps throwing an error but I able load models using any other link.

You can try to add an emissiveMap to the model in a program like blender before using it in three, using emissiveIntensity with a map plugged in should give you the effect you’re after, whereby only the uv space painted with an emission value would glow

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Thanks @Lawrence3DPK for the reply let me try it.