How really selectiveblooming works in both R3F or three?

Selective blooming confuse me with these different code demos I don’t know where they get bloom or not ?
but I’ve believed it has something to do with toneMapped but it seems not?

Here are the samples from drei

or this one

or this one

Both of them confused me how can I have a selective bloom.

I have a example code in reflectorPlanes which I revised but I couldn’t turn off the bloom in the circle

I really want turn off that bloomEffect in some objects cause it is really just uncomfortable. I wanna explore more about Effect Bloom but the libraries limits me.

Anyways my plan here is that I only bloom the box or maybe just the three circles in front. not the back in circle or the box. Just same goes wherever I can remove the bloom cause its a bit annoying to eye.

The workflow is the same everywhere. You set the threshold to 1 so that nothing at all glows. Now everything that is higher than RGB 1 will glow. But for that to happen you switch off toneMapping because it would clamp RGB to 0-1.

<Bloom mipmapBlur luminanceThreshold={1} />

// ❌ will not glow, same as RGB [1,0,0]
<meshStandardMaterial color="red"/>

// ✅ will glow, same as RGB [2,0,0]
<meshStandardMaterial emissive="red" emissiveIntensity={2} toneMapped={false} />

// ❌ will not glow, same as RGB [1,0,0]
<meshBasicMaterial color="red" />

// ❌ will not glow, same as RGB [1,0,0], tone-mapping will clamp colors between 0 and 1
<meshBasicMaterial color={[2,0,0]} />

// ✅ will glow, same as RGB [2,0,0]
<meshBasicMaterial color={[2,0,0]} toneMapped={false} />

This applies to both pmndrs/postpro and jsm/effectcomposer, it’s unrelated to react as well.