Unable to render ThreeJS Win11 Firefox

I was wondering if anyone was having issues rendering ThreeJS on Firefox 94 because I was learning some tutorials and suddenly none of the spheres was showing anymore. However, when I move the tab between screens, I can them briefly but in Chrome is renders fine.

Can you put up a demo online for others to test and see if it’s a real bug? I’m running FFox 94.0.1 on Windows 10 and haven’t had problems with rendering, but Win11 might be a different story because it’s such a new operating system.

Here is the link for the project I was working on
Demo => https://threejs-haunted-house-simple.vercel.app
GitHub - lappang-cheung/threejs-haunted-house

So originally it was able to render properly in Windows 11 properly last week but during this week I jump back onto tutorials. Nothing was being rendered, I already tried uninstalling and re-installing Firefox both Quantum and Regular version but so far nothing.

Looks pretty nice on Windows10, Firefox94. Maybe others with Windows11 can chime in and let you know their results to get to the bottom of this. Are you getting any errors in the console?

Have you tried using a WebGL1Renderer instead of WebGLRenderer? Might be that Firefox in Windows11 doesn’t support it.

Same issue if I used WebGL1Renderer…zero console errors and nothing else I can think of what to debug this.

Faced same issue from last couple of hours, Please help me.

@Adams95 I got mine working by going to Firefox installer, was planning uninstall and reinstall but gave me the option to refresh button option which rebuilds the Firefox browser. After that, my ThreeJS came back and seems to be working perfectly now.

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