Unable to load a gltf with a video texture from Blender

Hello there! I am having trouble loading a blender model onto the webpage. It was exported from Blender both as a gltf Binary (.glb) and gltf Seperate (.gltf + bin + textures). I am new to Blender and wasn’t sure which format was correct since the Sketchfab models online were generally downloaded as a zip containing a scene and bin. This model contains a video texture, which I was hoping would play upon opening the page. As another guess, I also tried importing the glb as a gltf. Even though it was saved in Blender as a gltf, the file would always show up as a .glb in the directory. My script file contains the following code to load the model, and here were the settings I used in Blender to export the .blend file. The error message received is below that. Any feedback would be much appreciated. THANKS!

Using a glb file is actually preferred since its more compact. It just represents a binary archive and is the default when exporting from Blender.

AFAIK, video textures are not yet supported in glTF assets, see: