Tweening geometry using gsap

Is it possible to animate geometry using gsap’s tweening system? I remember to have read somewhere that geometry is defined once and changes on the object have no effect after that point. My experiments with gsap seem to confirm this.

Is there a way to tween geometry with gsap?

Can you clarify that enigmatic question? What do you mean with “to tween geometry”? Do you try to change its size or to shrink it along one dimension?

Sorry for my unclear description of the problem.

In my experiment I tried to tween the radius (radiusTop) of a CylinderGeometry. That didn’t work while tweening the material in the same Mesh worked as expected and got updated as intended.

No, this does not work since the parameters are used once to generate the geometry. If you change the parameters, you have to create a new CylinderGeometry, which is an expensive operation.

Maybe you can use morph target animation to achieve your desired effect.