Animating text geometry parameters with gsap

Hi, I am using gsap and trying to extrude the text using the geometry parameters.parameters using the following code.[0].geometry.parameters.parameters, 10, {height:100})

The good news is gsap is tweening the values of the parameters and when i inspect the object it knows that it has a height of 100, however it doesn’t appear to be rendering the tween. Is there something I need to add to make it render?

I’ve never seen any indication that Three.js ever uses geometry.parameters.parameters.height. Where did you get that property from?

I think what you’re trying to do is change the scale of the object. You can do this with[0].scale, 10, {z: 100});
… or maybe you’ll want to use the x, or y scale, depending which way your text geometry was facing when the extrusion took place.

I just read in the documentation that parameters are read only once set and then had an epiphany. and it looks like @marquizzo was typing a the same time. Thank you!, 10, {z:100})

That is indeed the way to do it. It looks rad. Will post here once it lives online.

I went down a rabbit hole.

But usually if I change anything in the console (it seems to have access to things the inspector doesn’t) it affects the the scene, once it is added to the window) in real time.