Tween Shaking Issue

Hi I am using tween.js to tween the camera position. But it is not moving smoothly. There is a big shaking. I am giving my tween settings and my renderer settings below. Please help me to solve this.

this.tweencamera = function (xTarget, yTarget, zTarget, tweenDuration) {
    let camNewPosition = { x: xTarget, y: yTarget, z: zTarget };
    let targetNewPos = { x: xTarget, y: yTarget, z: 0 };

    var camTween = new TWEEN.Tween(camera.position)
      .to(camNewPosition, tweenDuration)
      .onComplete(function () {

        controls.enabled = true;
    var targetTween = new TWEEN.Tween(
      .to(targetNewPos, tweenDuration)
      .onComplete(function () {;

        controls.enabled = true;

renderer settings

function render() {
      renderer.render(scene, camera);
    function animate() {
      if (orbitcontrol !== undefined) {

Would be cool to provide an editable live code example, that demonstrates the issue.

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Sure. Can you please share an empty jsfiddle or codepen with tween.js and three.js Because, I dont know to create that in those online workspaces

Here you are:

Hi, @prisoner849 . I don’t know why that issue is not produced in this sample live example.

I am sharing here the screen recorded video of the issue, Please help me, if you can identify without live example