Camera or Model jumping after tween finishes

So a few days ago I asked about making orbit controls zoom in and out I managed to get the camera to do this but now I face a new problem.
The new problem is after the camera and controls finish tweening the camera (or it might be the model) jumps a little does anyone know why and what is causing this?

What I have tried:
I thought it might be object.lookAt so I tried this:

var startRotation = new THREE.Euler().copy( camera.rotation );
camera.lookAt( controls.object.position );
var endRotation = new THREE.Euler().copy( camera.rotation );
camera.rotation.copy( startRotation );
new TWEEN.Tween(camera.rotation).to({x: endRotation.x, y: endRotation.y, z: endRotation.z}, 600).start();

Didn’t work so then I thought well maybe it’s object.position or object.zoom so I tried this:

	var tweenPositionToReset = new TWEEN.Tween( controls.object.position )
    .to( { x: controls.position0.x, y: controls.position0.y, z: controls.position0.z }, 1000 )
     .onComplete(function() {
var tweenPositionToReset3 = new TWEEN.Tween( controls.object.zoom )
    .to( { x: controls.zoom0.x, y: controls.zoom0.y, z: controls.zoom0.z }, 1000 )

That didn’t work

Has anyone got any idea’s to how to solve this?

Here is a codepen there is a white button right in the top Left to reset the scene (hard to see):

Thanks in advance!

Edit: the above video of the problem doesn’t show up so if that’s the same for anyone else here is the problem in youtube format:

I’m starting to wonder if this is a glitch with tween js ? I’ve tried a few other things and still the same outcome is it possible this is a bug from tween js?

Still struggling on this anyone have any idea’s?

I never have problems with tweening.
See these examples, specifically the tweening code.

Nested tweens

Tweening an animated GLTF
You can view the source of this example at

And also see my page showing the different tween easing options

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Could you take a look at my pen I can’t see what I am doing wrong


Did you manage to solve this glitching effect in Tween?
I am experiencing the same issues and it looks like it’s resetting the of the orbit controls to 0,0,0.

Hopefully you can help me out with this!


In the end I ended up using gsap much more efficient and less issues basically does what you tell it to unlike tween

I got the same behaviour.