Trouble with light position in ShaderMaterial with InstancedMesh


I’ve been able to use instancedMesh without too much trouble until I tried to use a ShaderMaterial instead of a built-in material.
I can’t get the lighting right, my guess is that the light position in the vertex shader needs to be updated to reflect the position of the instances, but I couldn’t find an example showing how to do this.

I recreated the problem by adding a ShaderMaterial to the webgl_instancing_dynamic example:

You can see that the light position is relative to each instance instead of being global.

Any recommandation or example that explain how to handle lighting in ShaderMaterial ?


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Would something like this suffice?

I moved the light to better see it, and i transformed the normals of the objects with the instance matrix. I think the issue with the normal matrix is that it’s not per object, it applies to the entire group of your boxes - which seems wrong, since they all have their own transformations.


Yes, that did the trick!
Thank you.

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You are awesome!

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Aw :heart: Thank you very much :slight_smile: