Triangular Pyramid

How to create a triangular pyramid?

Is TetrahedronBufferGeometry what you are looking for?

Yes, exactly this one, thanks :slight_smile:

I have used this example, but I’m getting one error, i.e. Property ‘parameters’ does not exist on type ‘TetrahedronGeometry’.ts(2339)

No idea why this happens. Please demonstrate the issue with a live example.

The object is not coming as proper pyramid as in example.
I have used these values for first two parameters :
const vertices = [

  1, 1, 1,  - 1, - 1, 1,  - 1, 1, - 1,  1, - 1, - 1


const indices = [

  2, 1, 0,

  1, 3, 0,  

  0, 3, 2,  

  2, 3, 1


Should I make some changes?

Take a look at this option of building of tetrahedron: Tetrahedron (non-indexed buffer geometry)

I had a look at this and that’s great :slight_smile:
But still I’m unable to understand, why I’m not getting proper triangular pyramid
I have followed this link:

and radius=10 and detail=0

If you add two more triangles in this example BufferGeometry , you have a tetrahedron.

You can adjust the values as you like.

Note .addAttribute is now .setAttribute

From the collection

Alright! Thanks :slight_smile: