Triangle.getInterpolation is not a function

Hi! I am new here and also not an expert so my apologies if my question is silly. I am trying to highlights clicked meshes of a complex 3D model using Bvh but keep getting the error Triangle.getInterpolation is not a function. The onClick works well without the Bvh but super slow. I though Bvh could help the performance but I can’t manage to implement it. I tried using the Drei wrapping and also tried the ES6 modules but keep getting the same error. Would anyone know anything about it? Thank you in advance.

The latest version of three-mesh-bvh requires a three.js version >= 0.151.0 (see the package.json), which is when getUV was renamed to getInterpolation. It sounds like you’re using a version lower than that.

If you’re using an incompatible version of three.js I believe you should be seeing an error in the terminal if you’re installing with npm, as well.

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