Transparent texture problem

Hello !
I get a problem with the Transparent texture as the images shows
The dress comes with Transparent texture,but it just go through to the background,in fact needs see the body (I get the body texture).

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Please share your model with all textures in this thread. Besides, it would be helpful to see the code that shows how you load the asset.
Here is the file.
And about the code i download from GitHub

I asked them,but they don’t know much about the Transparent texture setting.

Can you please post the code section where the model is actually loaded? It’s a bit tedious to search the repo for this.

Besides, do you have designed this model by yourself? Where does it come from?

When I load your model with three.js, I see no transparent parts. But it seems to help to iterate through the object hierarchy and set the property Material.alphaTest to a low value:

object.traverse( function ( child ) {

   if ( child.isMesh ) child.material.alphaTest = 0.25;

} );

In this way, the skin is visible behind certain parts of the dress.


Yes that is the right result.
I try to find this property material.alphaTest to set,but i can‘t’,maybe i need to add this property,so could you tell me where should i put this ,i will give a try