Transparent objects in Render Texture Disappear completely on iOS

I’m trying to render objects to a render texture in a separate scene using an orthogonal camera, and use that texture back in my main scene within a custom shader. I have this all set up and functioning well in React Three Fiber, and I get the expected result on my Macbook pro, iPhone, and Galaxy S23, however as soon as I add any kind of blending on the objects being rendered in the separate scene i.e. enabling transparency, or changing the blend mode to anything other than THREE.NormalBlending, my objects completely disappear and are no longer rendered to the texture on my iPhone. This same problem does not exist on the other devices.

I’ve tested passing the texture into a meshBasicMaterial as well and encountered the same problem, so I know its not my shader causing the issue. I’ve also played with many of the renderer settings, and I’m pretty stumped at this point. I’m not sure if there is a setting that would fix this, or if it’s just a bug? I have a sandbox here with an example. You can toggle the transparency (opacity is still 1 so there should not be a visible difference). Again you will have to open it on an iPhone to see the object disappear: render-texture-iOS - CodeSandbox