When the camera is far away,Lines on the texture will disappear a few or flicker

i use 3js on my phone and when the ios system is under 15,and the camera is far.
Thin line on the texture will blink(transparent material)
my texture img is png like this

There are multiple reasons this can happen:

  1. The lines in the image are already too thin so when the camera dolly’s out the image shrinks making the lines even more thinner thus making it hard for the renderer to render it.

  2. Another reason that can cause this issue is if the mesh on which the image is mapped is not frustum culled.

In order to resolve the glitchy appearance either you can increase the camera frustum far plane or you can simply make it disappear if the camera is way too much far.

Maybe try changing the power preference of your renderer

Did you change the .minFilter or .magFilter on your texture @lojaer ?
and/or do you have a resize handler on your window?

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yes,like this,but it didn’t work

texture_ceramic.magFilter = THREE.LinearFilter;
texture_ceramic.minFilter = THREE.LinearMipMapLinearFilter;

thanks,i will try

and another important thing is :even without setting ‘magFilter’ or ‘minFilter’ ,everything is still great on ios 15 or higher system,it just doesn’t work on ios 13 or ios 14