transformControls on mobile web browser

Hi Moderators, everyone ,

question regarding transformcontrols, on mobile web browsers,
when meshes spaced close to each other , the touch does not register properly on mobile web browser ,
ex: say if i have plane meshes spaced 0.5 units close to each other , the touch registering on the planeMesh is not consistent, sometimes it picks up the touch other times it does not,

any ideas , ways to approach this , fiddle ?

is there a preferred way to use on mobile web browsers , should i be using drag controls on mobile web browsers ?

i am doing this as well , for touchstart, touchmove,

should i be doing anything specific to make this working without a hitch,

document.addEventListener('touchstart', touchstartScroll, false);

  document.addEventListener('touchmove', touchmoveScroll, false);

  function touchstartScroll(e) {



  function touchmoveScroll(e) {