Mobile devices and DragControls

So, a while ago I had an issue with orbit controls where the touch events were conflicting, and I found the solution somewhere which told me to go into OrbitControls.js and comment out the function event.preventDefault(); under the onTouchStart function. That resolved that particular issue.

Now, I am having a similar problem with Drag Controls. My code works fine on the laptop, but when I run it on mobile, again the touch events seem to be conflicting. So I tried to do the same thing. In DragControls.js, under the onDocumentTouchStart function, I comment out the event.preventDefault(); however this time the problem was not resolved.

Was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue and has a solution for it.

I resolved the issue by commenting out the rest of the preventDefault() in the other touch functions

Here is an example of using multiple controls at the same time.
OrbitControls, DragControls and TransformControls in the same scene.
You can view the source to see the code. No changes were made to the threejs libs.