Orbit Controls suppress touch events on mobile

Hello all.
I am a newbie regarding THREE.JS but i use A-frame as you all know runs THREE.JS under the hood. I know similar issues have been posted here before but since i could not get help on any of the A-frame forums maybe some expert could just give me some sort of YES/NO answer if what the issue that i am getting with A-frame is related to THREE.JS issues. I am using an A-frame component orbit-controls (that is pretty much a copycat of the THREE version and all the credits are from THREE.JS authors link) along with look-controls component link and i have 2 cameras in my scene, the camera that uses orbit-controls works fine but when i switch to the camera with the look-controls i lose the rotation (touchDrag “x” axis ) but only on mobile and the touch events i cannot get to work in this camera reflect in the camera using orbit-controls. No issues with PC version the mouse events work as expected. My question is, is this issue anyway related to this PR on this link?.
Thanks very much for your time and again sorry for the long post but i have been stuck with this issue for a few days now.

This example works on mobile.
It doesn’t use A-frame.
But it does use Threejs, OrbitControls, DragControls and TransformControls all at the same time.
You can view the iframe source code to see the JavaScript output of the typescript files shown on the surrounding documentation.