Using and Animating Orbit Controls

Hi all,

I am animating the with position.x and rotation.y, but its very hard to get oriented like that.

Can I instead animate the exact variable that orbit controls is manipulating?

I have tried THREE.MOUSE.DOLLY / camera.quaternion.x camera.lookAt but none seem to work together with the orbit controls. They dont seem to know of each other hence the question what is orbit controls manipulating?

I tried to understand what orbit contorls is doing exactly but without sucess.

Ideally i want to use the controls to find a good shot and then animate it with theatre.js (js variable keyframe editor)

Any direction to go towards would be great!


Control classes usually update the position and rotation values of the camera. So if you manually set them in your application, they will be overwritten by the controls.

A typical approach to avoid conflicts is to disable controls by setting their enabled property to false while animating. When the animation has been finished, you set the property back to true.

Oh thanks a lot i will try that.
Im trying to have the controls take the position form my animation, and vice versa.
Would i have to update the controls somehow or is this possible with the enable/disable approach?