Enable Orbitcontrols only when hovering over Objects

Hello folks,

I am still kind of new to three.js but its fun and I am gaining experience quickly.
However I am struggling with some TouchEvents (PointerEvents API) in a particular case:

My goal is to let the user orbit/ rotate around an object only if hovering over it.

In a Desktop-View it works mostly fine (I am confident to succeed) but there are some principal issues on mobile. I assume its because of the PointerEvent API and its given Events ("pointermove, "“pointerdown”, “pointerup”, so on). I guess when orbitting (via “pointermove”) there is no constant update on the raycaster.intersections?!

I found this topic once here: How to OrbitControls only over object and not on entire Canvas?
But the mentioned solution doesnt reveal the way out.

Thanks for your help in Advance.

orbitcontrols control the camera which now circles around a target point, it does not care about single objects. you would usually write your own object specific implementation that couples raycast with a rotation, i think that’s the conclusion in the post you linked, too.

if you pair three with react there’s a component for it: Bouncy watch - CodeSandbox otherwise the code is here drei/PresentationControls.tsx at a1d24f19b61e74abd489338fbbdc63b2b6e8e667 · pmndrs/drei · GitHub

Yes raycasting works well in desktop-mode. I am referring to mobile view: Touch Events wont work quiet as expected.

Your Reference is very interessting for other purposes.