How to OrbitControls only over object and not on entire Canvas?

Okay I have been researching about this all morning…

How to limit the mouse and touch controls only when the mouse/finger is on the object. Right now the entire canvas is available for interaction.

I can use raycaster to detect if the mouse is over the object then pass it on to controls.

However I have no idea how CPU intensive it would be.

Any pointers are much appreciates.

DragControls also performs raycasting in order to determine selected objects. I would give it a go and see how it performs.

You could probably just use the enabled property on the OrbitController and update it in the part where you check for the intersection.

Don’t think it’d be much more expensive since most of the checks are already done?

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@amitlzkpa Brilliant mate! You are a life saver…

Yes @Mugen87 I was planning for a custom implementation of object rotation instead of camera.

Many thanks for your continued support. I am almost there to post my starter project under Showcase :wink: