TransformCOntrol & Disappearing objects

I am trying to add Transform Control to my scene and got it working with Rotate & Scale, but when I use Translate to Move the object, it flakes out. It will simply make the object disappear along with the Transform control object.

Using #145. Any one see this before?


What’s the error you’re getting in the console? “transformControls.object must be part of the scene graph”?

Thats the thing I get no errors at all, not even warnings. Also the rotate and scale work fine so they are children of the scene

Odd, does the control also dissappear? Any chance you can provide a simple live setup to demonstrate the issue?

Yes the control disappears as well. I can send you a link to my editor, but it may be hard to read code as it’s it a number of places

Yes that may be difficult to go through, a minimal codepen or js fiddle with the approach you’re using would help, simplifying things like this may also lead yourself to the answer as you may notice another part of your code interfering with the translated position of the object, are you by any chance storing the objects position elsewhere? At a long guess you may need to feed matrix updates to a stored position from control.object.position

Well if I mouse over the area, the pointer acts as if it’s still there but neither show. I will check on the position and see if that’s true