Using Transform Controls with an array of objects

Hi, I’m trying to apply Transform Controls to several objects within my scene, the objects are in an array (objects).

I’m working from an official example:

When I add a mesh to my own scene like the example given, I have no problems:

control = new TransformControls( currentCamera, renderer.domElement );
control.addEventListener( 'change', render );
control.addEventListener( 'dragging-changed', function ( event ) {
    orbit.enabled = ! event.value;
} );

control.attach( mesh );
scene.add( control );

I attempted to replace control.attach( mesh ) with control.attach( objects) but this didnt work, and I tried putting objects within TransformControls ( objects, camera, renderer.domElement) as a similar method worked for DragControls, but I’m getting errors.

I also tried adding the controls when loading the individual objects before pushing them into the array:
control.attach(object );
scene.add( control );
But the controls were only applied to most recently loaded object.

TransformControls does not support transforming multiple objects in an array. However, you can try to add all objects to an instance of THREE.Group and transform the group instead.