Transformation matrices between vectors


I have a array of vector3 points below

      0.0385, 0.4680246, -0.01569471,
      1.5335, 0.4680246, -0.01569471,
      1.5335, -0.1380246, -0.01569471,
      0.0385, -0.1380246, -0.01569471,

what i want to do, is to transform all the point to xy coordinate (vector2) so i can draw a shape and then extrude the geometry and finally go back to the origin transformation (vector3)

the image below describe what i want exactly.

If anyone has a adea ! thank’s for helping

If I got you correctly, you’re looking for a similar concept: Texture on dynamically created object - #8 by prisoner849

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hi thanks for helping. why quaternionBack is not used anywhere in the example ?. i did not understand the last part when creating the box3 line(72), is it the way to go back transformation to vector3 ?