Transform Controls only scale one side of cube

For transform controls I’m wondering if there’s a way to only scale one side at time? Currently the cube is scaled on both sides when you drag on the axis. Or maybe there’s a better tool out there for this use case? three.js examples

TransformControls modulates Object3D.scale. Mathematically, changing Object3D.scale always scales the object in both directions along the respective axis.

Check out the following topic for workarounds: How to scale and keep model bottom on same position

			// Apply scale

		object.scale.copy( scaleStart ).multiply( _tempVector2 );

ok so I found where it scales in transofrmControls. Do you recommend editing transformControls.js for the workaround, or should I be creating a new tool independent of it?

I still want to use the point and drag and have a arrows that transform controls gives me

I would copy the code into a custom class and then change it.

Anyone able to give guidance on this? Pretty lost on how to displace edges only
One method I’m thinking of is to keep using scale but move the position of the cube at the same time

// Apply scale

        object.scale.copy( scaleStart ).multiply( _tempVector2 );
        const _box = new Box3().setFromObject( object );
        const size = _box.getSize()

        object.position.set(size.x / 2, size.y / 2, size.z / 2);

Super hacky haha. It does work kind of but it’s so computationally heavy. Wondering if I can have the GPU to handle this instead?