Transform controls and instanced meshes


Is there any possibility to adapt the code of transform controls to control an instanced mesh?

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In my role of a moderator let me give you a well meant advice: Such type of questions are usually flagged at stackoverflow because they are too broad. In most cases, an answer on such a question does no help the OP at all. And the OP should not expect that a community member presents an existing out-of-the box solution.

So to answer your question: Sure, there is a possibility but it means you have to enhance the controls by yourself. AFAIK, this was not done before.

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Hi Mugen.

Sorry, It was not my intention.

In deed I am currently working in a modified version of Transform Controls to control InstancedMeshes, but before starting my quetion was if somebody started in a similar functionality before.

When I will end my work I will share it with the comunity.

: )

I really appreciate your comments, I am not used to work in these kind of forums and it is possible sometimes I commit mistakes.

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Tell me if you want I remove this topic or delete it if you consider.

And again my apologies.

Not necessary to remove the topic. It was just some feedback^^