Transform controls and instanced meshes


Is there any possibility to adapt the code of transform controls to control an instanced mesh?

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In my role of a moderator let me give you a well meant advice: Such type of questions are usually flagged at stackoverflow because they are too broad. In most cases, an answer on such a question does no help the OP at all. And the OP should not expect that a community member presents an existing out-of-the box solution.

So to answer your question: Sure, there is a possibility but it means you have to enhance the controls by yourself. AFAIK, this was not done before.

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Hi Mugen.

Sorry, It was not my intention.

In deed I am currently working in a modified version of Transform Controls to control InstancedMeshes, but before starting my quetion was if somebody started in a similar functionality before.

When I will end my work I will share it with the comunity.

: )

I really appreciate your comments, I am not used to work in these kind of forums and it is possible sometimes I commit mistakes.

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Tell me if you want I remove this topic or delete it if you consider.

And again my apologies.

Not necessary to remove the topic. It was just some feedback^^

@Alejandro_Insua Did you ever come up with a solution?

I’m building a scene editor for a game and need to be able to manipulate instanced mesh transformations, too. Since the Raycaster now supports selecting individual instances, it seems like it won’t be too difficult to implement, but I’m curious if someone has done it yet or if I need to take the initiative :slight_smile: