Transform controls on a specific layer

Hello, I’m attempting to set transform controls to a specific layer, however, it seems that the controls are always set to layer 2? Attempting to toggle the layer does not change visibility of the controls in multiple renderers. If this is the intended functionality, is there any workaround to implement layer visibility for these controls?

Here is an example fiddle:

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Update: Sadly, after traversing the controls and updating the layers, their mask changes to 32 and the controls no longer receive input. Not sure how to fix this.

Here is an example: JSFIDDLE

I solved this issue by traversing through the control object, setting each child object layer to an unused layer.

controls.traverse(( node ) => { node.layers.set( 7 ); } );

This preserved the mesh and hid the controls on the desired render.

Solved here:

Right now, a custom modification of TransformControls is required. If this becomes a frequent requested feature, one can consider to make the internal raycaster public.