Tool to showcase t-shirt designs

This grew out of a bigger project, a virtual photo studio, that I used to work on. Wanted to scale back a bit and experiment more.


Really cool and very defined purpose, I will save this for the next time I make some crazy 3D design.

If you are taking any recommendations, I would suggest orbital movement of the shirt with the mouse. Also, the containers with colour selection should probably close when the user clicks outside of the container, just don’t make it close on mouse release.

I’m glad you like it, please share your creation if you end up using it!

This project is built on feedback so I’m always open for more! I actually set up a subreddit for just this purpose. If you ever get more ideas, feel free to join us there.

The free movement of the t-shirt is certainly something I should implement. I think I got too carried away with the spring animations I ended up using for the flip animation :smiley:

The closing of the color picker on outside click is a good point, I’ll put that on the list.

Thanks a bunch for the feedback!