Too slow animation

hi ,
i have two skinned model in scene with two animation mixer, but one of them(last created model) is two slow.
what is should to do?
my sample code is here

When opening your application in Firefox, I get the following error:

SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified. physijs_worker.js:78

Can you please demonstrate the issue without physijs in a more compact demo?

This is not due to physijs_worker.

must be run on a web server.

You can see this link :

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Thanks for the link!

What do you mean with “too slow” animation? Do you say the performance is too bad?

Your demo runs at 60 FPS on my machine. Tested with Chrome and Firefox.

performance is ok. in my scene SambaDancing animation playback is slow(its not like this
when i have one model in scene , playback speed is ok . but when i add the second model , second model play slow in scene.

Ah. The problem might be related to the fact that you call clock.getDelta() multiple times in animate(). The first call after requestAnimationFrame( animate ); is okay, but subsequent calls results in tiny delta values. To solve your problem, call clock.getDelta() once per tick and save the delta value in a variable:

requestAnimationFrame( animate );
const delta = clock.getDelta();

// use the delta value for your animations

its ok.