120hz screens animation too fast issue


I’ve inserted a few GLTF character models into a scene and I’m using the three js delta clock for the animation mixer. Everything plays fine in iOS and Chrome desktop.

However on Android, I’ve noticed that on devices with 120hz displays, the animations play at really fast FPS, almost like fast forwarding. If I add an offset to the animation speed, then the animation slows down on normal displays.

Is there a way to either only target animation speeds for 120hz displays or is there a way to dynamically switch animation speeds between different display types?

Thank You!

Using Clock should automatically account for different refresh rates. Do you see the same issue with one of the official three.js examples like three.js webgl - animation - skinning?

Compare the rotation speed on your devices.

Ray_Muti.html (9.5 KB)

Thanks a lot for the official example! It worked fine on the Android device so I assumed there was something wrong with my code and indeed, I forgot to use the delta value for the Android version :slight_smile:

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