ThreeLib: .net Class Library for creating Three.js compatible objects

This project started as project Iris, a Three.js exporter for Rhino3d. ThreeLib is essentially the serialization library from that project recreated as an open source project and rewritten to be more like working with Three.js.

The scope of this project is focused on serialization (and later perhaps deserialization). Therefore the objects to be targeted should be those that can be read through one of the Three.js Loaders.

You can, clone this repo and build the ThreeLib.csproj, use the artifacts from ci, or use the published NuGet package. Still need to work out the infrastructure to publish pre-release vs stable packages/binaries.

Any comments / contributions welcome. These are early days, so plenty still to do.

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If you are saying that folks can take this and use it to build other exporters, then someone please-o-please make exporters for LightWave, C4D and Houdini!!! Please, please, please.

Is this intended as a base for building exporters in Windows?

@FrankSilvaHM, yes.
@looeee Yes, and macOS, and anything that supports mono, .net, but haven’t tested on other platforms beyond Windows and macOS.

Cool, nice project. I would suggest making its purpose clearer in the readme - if nothing else it will make it easier for people to find via search engines.